Das leisten wir


Von der ersten eingehenden Beratung bis hin zur finalen Übergabe des Rohbaus: Wir tun das, was wir können – und nehmen Ihnen so die Arbeit ab.


Planning & consultancy

Planning & consultancy

Let’s get started. We’ll take care of the paperwork, develop solutions and remain in active dialogue with you. Through meticulous preparation of your building project, we’ll do everything to ensure that you experience only positive surprises.

  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Development and implementation of technical solutions
  • Monitoring of subcontractor assignments
  • Technical guidance of employees with the calculation of volumes and drawing up of specifications
  • Overview of tenders and specifications for shell construction and logistics services

Shell construction

The complete range of services

From now on it gets dusty. And we really knuckle down. Because once the first sod has been turned to start digging the excavation pit, we take over all the work. Until the building envelope stands – and you can hold the “topping-out” ceremony.


  • Classic components
    Steel engineering and construction
    Reinforced concrete work
    Building redevelopment
  • Services related to the excavation pit
    Explosive ordnance probing
    Sheeting works
    Excavation and waste disposal
    Land improvement works
    Ground water control
  • Building services engineering relevant to shell construction
    Underground pipes
    Grounding and lightning protection
    Concrete inlay works
    Concrete core activation

  • Other services relevant to shell construction
    Construction site logistics
    Construction site security and guarding
    Site power supply
    Façade scaffolds


What you can rely on

It works – and to keep it that way, we manage the services and supplies to the building site. With everything that goes with it. At the same time, safety is our top priority – the safety of the people and the environment as well as compliance with the deadlines.



  • Building site equipment
  • Disposal concepts
  • Supply concepts
  • Occupational safety and environmental management
  • Safety
  • Phase planning
  • Logistics management of construction site traffic


So that you can see what it’ll really be like

Imagine that… you don’t have to imagine anything at all. Building Information Modelling enables us to visualize the project in detail, including current progress. Allowing more transparency and control.

  • Collaborative work on the model
  • 3D modelling of buildings
  • Model-based quantity and cost calculation
  • 4D scheduling and construction sequence planning
  • Visualization of construction phases

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