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We execute complex projects in an economical way. Driven by our dedication to construction and our passion for craftsmanship. From the first draft on the drawing board to the final construction work on site. You can count on it.

The best way of constructing a shell

As a medium-sized construction company based in Frankfurt am Main, we are very close to the construction sites – large and small – in the international metropolis. As a result, our expertise stretches from a sound knowledge of the fundamentals through to a very good feel for the specific requirements of a complicated construction project.

Trust our experience – no matter whether we are working at the draft board or knuckling down at the construction site. During your building project, we will be at your side through thick and thin


Projects | 11.11.2022

(Deutsch) FOUR Frankfurt – Es geht Hoch hinaus

Projects | 12.09.2022

(Deutsch) Digital Park Fechenheim FRA18-22

Event | 27.07.2022

(Deutsch) Titelverteidiger nach zweijähriger Corona-Pause!

Projects | 01.07.2021

(Deutsch) YUKATEL: Otto-Hahn-Straße 2 -4 in Dreieich

Projects | 01.07.2021

(Deutsch) FRA 29: News aus dem Gewerbegebiet in Frankfurt Sossenheim

Projects | 26.04.2021

(Deutsch) Nächster Meilenstein im Projekt FOUR: Fertigstellung der Bodenplatte unterhalb des 233 Meter hohen T1

Projects | 31.03.2021

(Deutsch) Güterplatz: Hochhaus “THE SPIN” – Rohbau in der Endphase

Projects | 01.03.2021

(Deutsch) Neubau Rechenzentrum FRA29

Projects | 01.02.2021

(Deutsch) Ein weiterer Meilenstein im Projekt FOUR

Projects | 22.01.2021

(Deutsch) NEUBAU COLT DATA CENTRE FRANKFURT – Erweiterte Rohbauarbeiten erfolgreich fertiggestellt

Leitung | 23.12.2020

The GP Con wishes you all happy holidays and a happy new year!

Projects | 13.11.2020

(Deutsch) FOUR

Projects | 01.10.2020

(Deutsch) Güterplatz: Hochhaus THE SPIN, Kellerkasten TF 23 und Wohnbebauung ABG

Projects | 03.09.2020

(Deutsch) COLT Data Centre Frankfurt

Projects | 20.08.2020

(Deutsch) FOUR Frankfurt

Projects | 17.06.2020

(Deutsch) Neubau DFB Akademie Frankfurt

Projects | 25.05.2020

(Deutsch) FOUR Frankfurt

Projects | 18.05.2020


Projects | 03.04.2020

(Deutsch) Güterplatz: Hochhaus THE SPIN, Kellerkasten TF 23 und Wohnbebauung ABG

Projects | 18.02.2020

Rebuilding DFB Akademie Frankfurt

Logistik | 15.03.2019

Expansion of competence

GP Con has expanded its competence extensively. In addition to implementing access control for the "Güterplatz" and "FOUR" projects, it has received planning orders to create logistics concepts.
Leitung | 17.12.2018

The GP Con would like to say thank you and wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year!

News | 30.11.2018

GP Con membership GÜB – Community for Supervision in Construction e.V.

GP Con GmbH has specialists with special expertise and experience as well as special equipment for the production and installation of concrete with higher strength (concrete of monitoring classes 2 and 3) and other special properties on construction sites. The required training and professional experience of the skilled workers as well as the necessary equipment are determined in accordance with DIN 1045-3: 2008-08 or DIN EN 13670: 2011-03 in conjunction with DIN 1045-3: 20122-03. By corresponding award GP Con GmbH may call itself a member of the Community for Supervision in Construction - Recognised Testing, Supervision and Certification Body according to Building Code.  

True success stories

Our team does a great job. Floor by floor. And if need be, around the clock. With many years of professional experience and the drive to create something lasting. These men and women are among the best in their field – and our most valuable asset.

Get an idea of our qualities. We have worked with great dedication on the following buildings ­– or are still enthusiastically working towards their completion.



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